This is the Generic Authority.

By the power invested in me by me, I Raistlin Jazir declare myself the founder of the Generic Authority. I am my own definitive authority.

You are building your world on digital quicksand, and being conned by the techno-barons. Wake up.

If a website exists and no traffic ever goes to it, does it really exist?

What the hell is going on here? Well I am standing on a stage by myself and I'm just going to say yay.

I'm alone in an empty hallway and I am building my new office space out.

Fake IDs

Interested in fake ids? I happen to make the finest. What is the point of this website? Just to get back into playing around with, and wasting time in HTML? Or something more?

What on Earth are you doing and why aren't you doing more? Dayum.

I'm trying to just keep posting.

Post one fucking day.

That's all. Just one more day.

In the lens, a bee I spied,
Buzzing in its humble pride.
Closer I drew, to capture its flight,
When a wondrous sight caught my sight.

Reflected in its tiny frame,
A mountain range, wild and untamed.
In the curve of its delicate rear,
A world of grandeur did appear.

Majestic peaks, in miniature cast,
A testament to nature's vast.
In a bee's humble, fleeting grace,
I found a mountain's timeless face.

A tiny creature, a vast expanse,
In its presence, a cosmic dance.
To see the grand in the minute,
A bee, a mountain, both absolute.